• Some of our SBA Loan Advantages

    Significant and Immediate Fee Income · Higher Loan Limits · Increased Deposits · Lower Capital Requirements · Reduced Concentrations · Service Fee Income · Variable Rate Pricing

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  • Outsourced SBA Lending

    In a period when some lenders are shrinking their market share, due to additional perceived risk in commercial loans, our clients can actually increase market share by providing SBA loans.

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  • What we offer is

    Preparation of SBA documents · Augmenting the Lender’s existing credit memorandum · Submitting applications on the Lender’s behalf to SBA · Closing the approved loan · and much more...

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Welcome to Capital Growth Solutions

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Capital Growth Solutions, LLC began operations in May of 2008 to fill a void in the SBA commercial lending market, between the small and community lenders who wish to participate in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) financing programs and those which had the expertise to do so. Having developed three nationwide SBA loan platforms in the past, the company’s founder, Gary Griffin, understood that the initial cost of establishing a qualified SBA Department could cost Lenders $250,000 to $500,000 up front. While these costs could quickly be recouped through an active lending program, Gary sought a way to allow Lenders to participate in a “pay-as-you-go” operation. As a result, thanks in large part to our Lending Community customers, CGS has evolved into the perfect “outsourced” SBA loan department.

Gary Griffin, our President and CEO, has over 30 years experience in government guaranteed lending, primarily through the SBA. A CPA by training, Gary s worked for the SBA at the district level, represented lenders and borrowers to the SBA, been President of a dedicated Bank Subsidiary established solely for government guaranteed lending, established three national SBA Lending platforms and has dealt with all aspects of government guaranteed lending, from origination to credit review to servicing and liquidation. It is in the areas of credit review, servicing and liquidation that he saw a niche which was being underserved by the market place. Thus, the beginning of CGS!




"The real acid test of any business relationship is the depth of knowledge and the responsiveness of those parties you have partnered with. I have found that CGS is not only a quality firm as to their product but one that is bolstered by the talent of the individuals I work with and the real feeling of a great partnership. CGS works diligently to aid community banks in the area of SBA lending which has many times over made for a happy borrower and a very happy bank. Our dealings with CGS have been superb. ~Ronald J. Wallace!"

Types of Loans

Refinance • Business Acquisitions
Franchises • Medical • Office Condos
Convenience Stores • Car Washes
Restaurants • Office/Warehouse • Hotel/
Motel • Daycares • Assisted Living


What We Do

Capital Growth Solutions was established to be a lender service provider, which assists in the packaging, underwriting, closing, and servicing of SBA loans. By teaming with CGS, Lenders immediately have an experienced and technologically advanced SBA loan processing and servicing operation that allows them to reap the benefits of holding and selling SBA loans, without any additional infrastructure.

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